SHOP HRS: MON-FRI 8.45-5; SAT 8.45-1; SUN & BH 9.30-11.30 POST OFFICE HRS: MON & THU 9.00-12.30

Shop Manager

I saw the position of Shop Manager advertised just after my youngest child started at Langham Primary School.  With a history of working as a volunteer for various organisations: the National Childbirth Trust, Langham Mother & Toddler Group, Langham Pre-School Committee and Chair of the Friends of Langham School, the idea of working in the shop really grabbed me.  Several years on and I still love the buzz of the place and enjoy being involved: little girls like playing shop and I get to do it for real!

I am on the Volunteer Committee which runs the Shop and I look after it on a day-to-day basis.  I place all the orders and deal with pricing; I oversee the volunteer rota – it still amazes me how somehow we manage to fill every slot; and I deal with matters as they arise.  Being in the Shop is a great fun – there is rarely a dull moment!  As everyone else is a volunteer I am quite often the first or last point of call for a problem.  The Shop is a focal point for the community so we seem to get involved with things which happen in the village which are not really anything to do with the Shop.  I am happy to be on hand to help, it is all hugely rewarding and a long way off from my career in international banking!

I was lucky to join the team when the Shop had just moved from the old green cabin into its current permanent position in the purpose-built extension to the Community Centre.  Stocking the Shop is a key part of my role and I am always trying new things.  People often show their amazement when they find something they are looking for, but did not expect to see.  I feel proud when I think about it, we are friendly and helpful to our customers; our Shop is clean and tidy;  and our shelves are full.  Langham Community Shop is not only successful but those involved strive to make it better and I love that.

See you in the Shop soon…