Oil Syndicate Service

Our Oil Buying Syndicate has been suspended

The current fuel crisis has meant that Oil Companies are unable to set prices prior to delivery and need us to provide additional, sensitive, payment details for all of our customers, in advance.  This has made it impossible for us to negotiate an umbrella price for our residents.


We run an Oil Buying Syndicate for any resident of Langham and Boxted.

The sign-up lists open several weeks before each order deadline, which is advertised locally.

After each list closes, one of our volunteers rings around the oil suppliers to secure the best possible price for the bulk order.

The oil is then delivered within the following 5 days and the customer pays the oil company directly.

We charge £2 to customers and £1 to shop volunteers for providing this service.

As you may know, oil prices, which are quoted in US dollars, fluctuate daily. We know that we consistently offer an excellent rate to our customers, especially to those who order smaller quantities.

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